Are you aware that there exists a group who supports an individual's freedom to choose to kill him/herself? If you're not, you haven't heard about alt.suicide.bus.stop or The two groups are inter-related but I'll write more about them later.

Suicide is frowned upon by civilized society. Heck, there are still Roman Catholics who don't allow proper burials for those who died from committing suicide. Killing of self is seen as a sign of weakness, a sin, a forbidden act but society should also look at the point of view of the person who wants to do it. Ponder on the why's inside the person's mind. Why does he want to die? What brought it about?

Basically, the two alt.suicide groups want to help those who are considering suicide by teaching them alternative philosophies, suicide methods, debates on its morality, among other things and by doing so, giving the present of a guilt-free death if a person ends up committing the act.

To learn more about this alternative view on suicide, visit


2 thoughts on “alt.suicide

  1. for those curious, was the first to hold these counter-views on suicide. it is still active as a group but no website at the moment, as it’s under new management. on DALnet on irc – all are welcome and all welcome to speak freely

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